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IPL 2019 Schedule pdf
No.IPL 2019 TeamsDateTimingVenue
1CSK vs RCB23rd March 20198:00 PMChennai
2KKR vs SRH24th March 20194:00 PMKolkata
3MI vs DC24th March 20198:00 PMMumbai
4RR vs KXIP25th March 20198:00 PMJaipur
5DC vs CSK26th March 20198:00 PMDelhi
6KKR vs KXIP27th March 20198:00 PMKolkata
7RCB vs MI28th March 20198:00 PMBengaluru
8SRH vs RR29th March 20198:00 PMHyderabad
9KXIP vs MI30th March 20194:00 PMMohali
10DC vs KKR30th March 20198:00 PMDelhi
11SRH vs RCB31st March 20194:00 PMHyderabad
12CSK vs RR31st March 20198:00 PMChennai
13KXIP vs DC1st April 20198:00 PMMohali
14RR vs RCB2nd April 20198:00 PMJaipur
15MI vs CSK3rd April 20198:00 PMMumbai
16DC vs SRH4th April 20198:00 PMDelhi
17RCB vs KKR5th April 20198:00 PMBengaluru
18CSK vs KXIP6th April 20194:00 PMChennai
19SRH vs MI6th April 20198:00 PMHyderabad
20RCB Vs DC7th April 20194:00 PMBengaluru
21RR vs KKR7th April 20198:00 PMJaipur
22KXIP vs SRH8th April 20198:00 PMMohali
23CSK vs KKR9th April 20198:00 PMChennai
24MI vs KXIP10th April 20198:00 PMMumbai
25RR vs CSK11th April 20198:00 PMJaipur
26KKR vs DC12th April 20198:00 PMKolkata
27MI vs RR13th April 20194:00 PMMumbai
28KXIP vs RCB13th April 20198:00 PMMohali
29KKR vs CSK14th April 20194:00 PMKolkata
30MI vs RCB15th April 20198:00 PMMumbai
31KXIP vs RR16th April 20198:00 PMMohali
32SRH vs CSK17th April 20198:00 PMHyderabad
33DC vs MI18th April 20198:00 PMDelhi
34KKR vs RCB19th April 20198:00 PMKolkata
35RR vs MI20th April 20194:00 PMJaipur
36DC vs KXIP20th April 20198:00 PMDelhi
37SRH vs KKR21st April 20194:00 PMHyderabad
38RCB vs CSK21st April 20198:00 PMBengaluru
39RR vs DC22nd April 20198:00 PMJaipur
40CSK vs SRH23rd April 20198:00 PMChennai
41RCB vs KXIP24th April 20198:00 PMBengaluru
42KKR vs RR25th April 20198:00 PMKolkata
43CSK vs MI26th April 20198:00 PMChennai
44RR vs SRH27th April 20198:00 PMJaipur
45DC vs RCB28th April 20194:00 PMDelhi
46KKR vs MI28th April 20198:00 PMKolkata
47SRH vs KXIP29th April 20198:00 PMHyderabad
48RCB vs RR30th April 20198:00 PMBengaluru
49CSK vs DC1st May 20198:00 PMChennai
50MI vs SRH2nd May 20198:00 PMMumbai
51KXIP vs KKR3rd May 20198:00 PMMohali
52DC vs RR4th May 20194:00 PMDelhi
53RCB vs SRH4th May 20198:00 PMBengaluru
54KXIP vs CSK5th May 20194:00 PMMohali
55MI vs KXIP5th May 20198:00 PMMumbai

IPL 2019 will start this year on 23rd of March 2019. Official IPL 2019 schedule is finally out. The full Schedule is finally released by BCCI . Indian Premier League usually starts in April every year. The 12th edition IPL is starting early this year due to Elections. The date is confirmed by the BCCI  but the final & Semi- finals date is still not out.

Announced by BCCI that the IPL 2019 will be held in India. If venue of IPL clashes with the election date the match will be shifted to another city. The finals and semi finals date will also be released by the BCCI.

Indian Premier League which is rumored to be Hosted in another country but confirmed by BCCI that it will be hosted in India only.

The Schedule of all the Match is confirmed by BCCI. The First Match will be Played between RCB vs CSK in Chennai.

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